A complete line of trumpet mouthpieces that is familiar enough to inspire confidence, and fresh enough to offer something new.

Every mouthpiece is a custom job made the “Old fashioned way” using impressions and hand cutting and hand finishing. I do have many mouthpiece cup cutters that I have made which work very well. The rims are all hand cut to match an impression.

I offer three different “Lead” cup concepts which come in graduated sizes.

Also three different “Jazz” cup concepts in graduated sizes

and three different “Orchestral” cup concepts in graduated sizes.

I also make mouthpiece copies of cups and rims

All of these mouthpieces come with your Choice of “Rim Contour”. I have several rim contours to choose from (many of which are very familiar) or you can send me your rim or mouthpiece to match the contour (or actually make your own impression of it). The Rim Contour is not related to the size of the mouthpiece. Mouthpieces of different sizes can have the same rim contour. 

My mouthpieces are two piece and are compatible with the warburton system, which has become a standard. they are also compatible with kanstul, “The wedge” and others. The standard throat size for this system is a #27. The throat can be what ever you want it to be, but then it wont be compatible with the others.

The outer proportions or “Blank” comes in three variations. My standard shape is vaguely like an Al Cass, with a very heavy rim.

A Lighter weight variation is more along the lines of a Marcinkiewitz.

The third Variation involves cutting a Groove behind the rim to let your lips wrap around and grip the outer edge a little more. This is very effective for some people. Both the standard and lighter weight versions can have the groove


Trumpet Mouthpiece design and dupication