Available Trumpet Rim Contours


Here are some of the rim contours I can cut and a bit of info about them. Remember that any rim contour can be matched to any cup shape or Size.

(I tried to come up with a one letter name that would make sense for each one, for stamping)

NEW....My “W” rim contour

    This rim is basically copied from a best brass Powerpiece. I copied that rim for several people who swear by it, and finally gave it a try on my own mouthpieces. I really liked it. It’s keeps your lip from intruding into the cup giving a better sound, and allowing for a shallower cup, and protecting the lips from damage from hard demanding gigs. Interestingly, I do not notice any flexibility issues. It has the same inner edge “bite” as the “Y” rim, so it’s compatible switching back and forth. The  outer contour is almost the same  as the “y” rim. The extra width is contained between the high point and the outer edge. It’s pretty flat. This rim is NOTHING like a  Rudy Muck or Bach “W” rim both of which slope drastically away from a very sharp inner edge.


My “Y” Rim Contour

    If I have a “standard” rim it would be what I call my “Y” rim.

    The outer contour is about exactly the same as a GR standard rim, but it is not copied from a GR. "GR" is a registered trademark of GR Technologies, LLC. The Rim is not “Flat”, but pretty “round”. The high point is about where most people think a “Bach” style rim is. The bite is moderately round, and very comfortable. It is actually a copy of the yamaha Bobby Shew “lead” rim. The Shew “Jazz” rim is nearly identical, but the outer diameter is the same for both of those Yamaha pieces. The “lead” has an inner diameter of .635 and the “jazz” I.D. is .655 (3C size) so the “jazz” rim is a bit thinner, even though the inner bite, high-point and out contour match very closely. This is a great basic rim contour. Recently I have been asking people is they have a “magic” mouthpiece, like a “magic” 1C that is just way better the rest.  One Player had 22 Bach 1C’s! only one of those was “magical”. I did and impression of it and it is an exact match for the Shew “jazz” rim. (the thinner version of that contour). Another guy had a “magic” Marcinkiewicz Shew 1.5 that he pay a LOT of money to buy from another player. I did and impression of it and .... an exact match for th eyamaha Shew “lead” rim contour. The Marcinkiewicz and Yamaha Shew rim contours are usually pretty different. I think that the sloping contour of the outer half of the rim enhances vibrancy, response, and playing “success”.

    My “B” contour

    This is a copy of your average Bach 3C rim contours, or at least one that I think represents most Bach 3C. The 3C rim is one of the thicker Bach rims which I think adds to it’s popularity. Compared to the “Y” rim contour, the “B” rim is not as rounded off on the outer edge. There is also kind of a flat spot on the outer half of the rim. It’s a comfortable rim. GR did a blind beta test involving three rim contours including this type of contour, and it did not fare as well as rim contours with an outer shape like the “Y” rim. "GR" is a registered trademark of GR Technologies, LLC)

    My “C” contour

    This one is a Bach 1-1/2 C contour. Comfortable. Many people think of this as a “Bach style” rim contour. Mine very well could be different than yours!


    My “D” contour

    This is the “magic” 1C rim rim mentioned above with the more rounded outer edge. It’s quite different from a normal 1C contour.

    My “E” contour

    This is a copy of a 1C contour, but not the “magic” one mentioned above. This is kind of like a 3C rim but a lot thinner.

    My “G” Rim

    Copy of a GR standard rim from a 66L. Compared to my “Y” contour, the outer shape is the same, but the high-point is closer to the inside. This rim feels about .005 smaller than the “Y” rim or a “bach-like” rim. That is why people think that GR 66 series (.660)mouthpieces are the size of 3C even though a 3C is .655. "GR" is a registered trademark of GR Technologies, LLC

    My “M” contour

    From a Monette B4L. Nice rim contour. Feels bigger because the highpoint is a little farther to the outside. Feels about a half size (.005) bigger than the “Y” rim contour.

    My “R” contour

    From the Curry 3 series. “Bach-like” but not the same as any of the above contours.

    My “S” contour

    From a schilke 14a4a

    My “T” contour

    From the “la Tromba” european rotary trumpet mouthpieces. Pretty flat and thick. Kind of like a Greg Black NY1 or a few other high note mouthpieces. They have a sharp bite though. Interesting.

    My “L” rim

    After a Monette BL2. Really round with the high-point about in the middle. Comfortable, and makes a really small diameter feel about two sizes bigger. Pretty wide

    My “A” rim

    Pretty symetrical. Not copied after any existing piece. High-point in the middle, soft bite. Feels BIG. I played this one for a year. Three other people are using it, and it’s really comfortable. For me, I found that I played better with my “Y” contour, and the “Y” is just as comfortable. I had to go to bigger diameters when I switched to the “Y” contour and they still felt small for a week.

I have more, but have not given them a “name” yet.