Standard Models...Coming soon


Mass produced using CNC computer controlled Lathes

Hopefully this will happen by april of 2010.

Soon I will make a “run” of CNC produced “Standard Model” mouthpieces. These will be offered at a lower price point but have no “custom” features. All of the backbores will have a shank size equivalent to a Reeves Sleeve #5. That is the most “normal” and fit’s modern intruments very well.

The first “run” of production will include about 9 to 12 different models (three cup shapes in three or four diameters) and will have my Y rim contour. That rim contour is pretty universally approved. The three cup shapes will probably be my most popular:

Lead 1, in three or four diameters (.625, 635, 645 and 655_

Jazz 1, in the same diameters

Orch 3P which is a proportional bach 3C cup shape. The cup shape is exactly the same in the different diameters. My cutter-made Orch 3 is a much different cup shape in .635 than it is in .655.

The L1 and J1 were already almost exactly proportional so I am not changing the name. However a 655 L1 standard model might be a tiny bit different than a 655L1 made with my cutter by hand. The 645 will be essentially the same. The J1 cup will be essentially the same also to the ones made by hand.

The next “run” will include my new Lead Zero cup with my W rim (very wide, flat-ish, comfortable and successful) as well as my flugal cup in several diameters. It will have others as well.Hopefully I can get the second run out fairly shortly after the first run. It depends on how well the first production run sells to some extent.